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Audit and Accounting Services

While many CPA firms approach auditing services the same regardless of the type of entity, we apply our knowledge and experience with financial institutions to provide an audit focused on specific areas that can be of concern in your financial statements and report disclosures.  We believe an audit can be a valuable management resource in identifying areas to improve internal controls and operating procedures.  For clients not needing a full scope audit, we also provide agreed upon procedure examinations to selected records and transactions to assist you in identifying possible areas of weaknesses.

We also offer a variety of accounting services needed by financial institutions to assist in proper recording of accounts and transactions.


v  External Audit - Audits of financial statements to express an opinion on the fair presentation and conformity with US generally accepted accounting principles. 

v  Internal Audit - Periodic testing of internal controls and procedures with results summarized in reports to the audit committee.

v  Agreed Upon Procedures Examination Preparation of examinations, including a management letter which lists suggestions for areas of internal control and operational improvement.

v  Internal Audit Training Development of comprehensive audit programs for use by internal audit personnel, including training and technical assistance in the performance of an internal audit.

v  Compilation Preparation of client financial statements in accordance with Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services issued by the AICPA.

v  Budgets Assistance in the preparation of annual budgets and variance analysis.

v  Depreciation Schedules - Maintaining detailed listings of fixed assets for book and tax purposes.

v  Financial Statement Formats Preparation of financial statement formats for presenting information to management and/or the Board of Directors.

v  Spreadsheet Applications Assistance in developing and modifying spreadsheet applications to assist in reporting accounting information.