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Regulatory Compliance Services

Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential to a well-run financial institution.  We can assist by reducing the burden of determining your institution is in compliance with numerous and expanding regulations.  We can provide an in-depth compliance program or test only those areas you have concerns.  A brief list of the services we offer is provided below:

v  Bank Holding Company Reporting – Assistance in preparation of various holding company reports, including FRY-6 and FRY-9SP.

v  Interest Rate Risk Testing – Review of interest rate risk reports and testing as required by regulatory policy statement on interest rate risk.

v  Call Report – Assistance with preparation or review of quarterly call reports in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

v  Bank Secrecy Act Examination – Testing compliance with BSA regulations, including customer identification procedures.

v  ACH Examination – Testing and reporting on compliance with NACHA operating rules.

v  Fair Lending – Review of compliance with various requirements, including detailed comparison testing of a sample of originated loans with denied loans to determine possible areas of discrimination.

v  Compliance Examination – Review of compliance with various regulatory rules for other loan and deposit compliance regulations.

v  Allowance Methodology Validation – Testing bank procedures for establishing the allowance for loan loss, including determining compliance with policy and testing of detail information.