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Tax Services

Weldon Jordan & Associates continually reviews new tax laws and regulations to determine items that are beneficial or required for financial institutions.  Weldon Jordan & Associates has in-depth knowledge of financial institution taxation and can provide tax planning and, as needed, assistance with Internal Revenue Service examinations.  Whether your tax issue is related to industry specific items or to those not unique to financial institutions, we can assist you.  Our tax services include the following:

v Tax Preparation - Preparation of all financial institution tax returns.

v Tax Planning - Analysis of various tax alternatives available, including calculation of the optimum level of municipal securities.

v Federal Income Tax Examination - Assistance in handling federal income tax examinations, including representation before the Internal Revenue Service.

v S Corporation Conversions - Analysis and preparation of information to convert from a C corporation to an S corporation for financial institutions and holding companies.

v Private Revenue Rulings - Preparation of private revenue ruling requests from the Internal Revenue Service.